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Best events to attend in Paris 2017


If you ask me what destination I for one would choose for the beginning of spring, a  joyous and timeless place to rejoice at the idea of waving goodbye to the cold and the snow, that would be Paris. The town needs no introduction, surely, but to give you even more reasons to look into this options, we give you the best events to attend in Paris 2017 today!

Valentine’s Day in Paris in February 2017


Are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day in Paris in February 2017? First of all, I for one have to salute your choice. The capital city of France is not dubbed the capital city of lovers as well for no reason!

Paris is a city to be visited in all seasons. But Valentine’s Day, with all its pop culture references, makes your stay there seem like a true celebration of love.

The best Paris events in April 2016

The best Paris events in April 2016

Everybody wants to visit the capital city of love, even in times of turmoil and distress. For the moment, the city is quiet and the tragic November 2015 remain a sad memory, long gone. The old city awaits its guests with arms wide open and offers lots of options for the best Paris events in April 2016. Let’s see what the city of lights and love and the avant-garde has in store for us this coming month!

Paris for free

Paris for free

The capital city of France is renowned as one of the most expensive places in the world. Purchasing a square meter of land here is over 10.000 EUR and the price of a meal is around 25 EUR. So with the cost of living so high, we can only expect that the price of visiting matches these expectations – and it does…to some extent. But in part, you can visit Paris for free (or, well, almost). Let’s see what we’re talking about!

7 French dishes you simply must taste

7 French dishes you simply must taste

Did you know some people come to France on culinary tours? Today we invite you on an online tour of the 7 French dishes you simply must taste.

Disneyland Paris Transportation

Paris Transfers to Disneyland

Going on a trip to Paris in order to visit Disneyland Paris can make for a great holiday idea for the entire family and make sure to carefully consider your Disneyland Paris Transportation options while you’re planning your trip.

It’s interesting to note that Disneyland Paris is by far the most visited attraction in all of France as well as all of Europe, so there’s something to be said about the power of a talking mouse and his friends. Disneyland Paris isn’t as much an amusement park as it is pretty much an entire resort town, within the Marne-la-Vallee town.

How to get to Disneyland Paris

It is located at about 32 kilometers – or 23 miles – of the centre of Paris so this is why making special transportation arrangement is important.

This is where a service such as a Disneyland Taxi can come in handy because the quickest way of reaching Disneyland is via the A4 – l’Autorute de l’Est – by going towards Metz-Nancy. The ride is a very smooth one being mostly pretty straight.

One of the major advantages of employing special Disneyland Paris transportation is that our drivers are professionals with years of experience. They know their roads, they know their laws and their cars very well and they will get you to the Disneyland parking lot in safety and in as quicker time as possible.

Then there’s also the fact that you can schedule our Disneyland Transfers to work perfectly with your flight or to pick you up from your accommodation at pretty much any hour you wish. Not only that but you can also schedule a transfer to take you back from Disneyland to your accommodation.

Another great thing is that with a specialized Disneyland Paris transportation service you can get there with a larger party, because larger vehicles will be available, so everybody gets to travel under the same roof, and you always know where your luggage or kids are at all times.

Paris, the city of lights


Few cities in the world have a special relationship with the river that crosses like Paris. The Seine is the landmark of the City of Light : define the numbers of the streets , distances are measured from him and divided the urban fabric in two limited areas along its banks . And the river who will help us link along this route.


Bonjour, Paris!

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