7 French dishes you simply must taste

7 French dishes you simply must taste

Did you know some people come to France on culinary tours? Today we invite you on an online tour of the 7 French dishes you simply must taste.

In 2010, the world finally came to its senses and declared French gastronomy as part of the intangible world heritage of UNESCO. Paris had been the capital city of haute cuisine for a long time anyway.
What makes French cuisine so irresistible is the fact that it managed to create its own identity though influenced by an eclectic combination of trends. In the middle ages, French cuisine was mainly influenced by Italy and England.

Here is what you should not miss eating in France today:

Firstly, pastries and bread are what make the French cuisine what it is. The famous Baguette and the Pain au Chocolat, as well as the chocolate and vanilla croissants are unparalleled.

Camembert cheese from Normandy is a veritable symbol of the French cuisine. Made from cow’s milk, Camembert was first produced in 1791 by Marie Harel.

Escargots are a traditional dish served as an appetizer in Spain and France. These are snails that are cooked and seasoned with garlic and spices, then buttered and sauced and served in the shells. These are a symbol of prestige and style… and for many, an acquired taste.

A substantial meal we need to suggest is the famous Coq au vin, rooster cooked in wine with mushrooms, spices and garlic. There is also an extravagant variety the Coq au champagne, which you can try if you are in Paris.

Pancakes in France are called crepes and they are something you simply can’t miss! Thin and made of wheat flour, they are usually served with various types of fillings: fruits, marmalade, sugar.

When you are in France and feel like traveling throughout the country to discover the regional cuisine, remember you can count on Paris transfers for your transportation.

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